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health and happiness

Individual assessment and therapy

person-centred care

At 7 Pillars of Wellness, our specialists provide patients with thoughtful, comprehensive and evidence-based assessment and therapy highly-tailored to the individual.

Parent, Family & Group Therapy

For a Happier, Healthier Family

At 7pillarsofwellness, our Therapy modalities provide patients with the resources and tools for growth and recovery.  

Many patients already know about individual therapy, although many people benefit from additional family sessions, parent sessions or group therapy.  

Family Fun in Field
Herbal Oils

Medication Consultation

Here For You

Medications are an important part of recovery for some people but not for everyone.  We offer an informed, highly-tailored approach to considering whether medications have a place for you.  We believe strongly in monitoring and reviewing medications that we advise and see this as an importnat part of your ongoing care. 

For most people, medication is recommended to support other parts of treatment and is not a stand-alone solution. 

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